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Plasma Light Emitting Polymer

The new PLEP PLASMA Lighting

This superior lighting technology PLEP (Plasma Light Emitting Polymer) produces more than 123lum/w. This next generation of compact energy efficient lighting is circa 30% more efficient than LED. Available colour temperatures are 2250 to 6000k, degradation is 1% over 5 years.

What is PLEP?

In 1977, Alan J. Heeger, Alan MacDiarmid and Hideki Shirakawa found out that a thin film of polyacetylene could be oxidized with iodine vapors, turning the material into a conductor. This remarkable finding earned them the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
When a low voltage is applied across the material it produces light. The challenge was converting this phenomena into a useable product for the lighting industry. PLEP lighting works using these electroluminescent materials.
Following years of research by a team of engineers from Mexico, Japan and Taiwan the PLEP module was developed into a useable lighting product.


IP68 → PLEP modules
IP65 → Indoor light enclosures
IP67 → Outdoor light enclosures
NOM → Mexican standards
CE → (European)
SA + UL → North America
ROHS →100% recyclable
WEEE compliant


Greengineering are delighted to work in partnership with Mexican company GMS S.A de C.V to provide superior lighting technology PLEP (Plasma Light Emitting Polymer).
GMS S.A. de C.V. are international marketing agents of lighting manufacturer IEBSA S.A, de C.V. The Mexican founder of IEBESA S.A. de C.V is co-inventor/patent holder of the PLEP lighting technology. This unique partnership provides direct access to manufacturer, technical expertise, installation experience and Prince 2 project management.